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[Must-knows for ticket-buying]
  Please carefully read the following instructions for buying ticket and buy tickets according to the number of entrants:
  One.Time for selling the ticket tin the travelers’center lobby:8:00-18:00
  Time on-duty for selling the ticket:6:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m.(the next day)
  Two.Ticket price for the scenic area:
  Ticket price for entrance:65 Yuan per person
  Round trip fare for the shuttle bus:60 Yuan per person per time
  Round trip fare for passenger car for reach branch:20 Yuan per person per time.
  Charge for parking:small vehicle:5 Yuan per car per time;big car:10 Yuan per car per time,super-large car:15 Yuan per car per time,motorcycle:2 Yuan per time per car.
  Policies for free ticket
  1)Children:children under 1.2 meters(including 1.2 meters)
  2)The senior:those above 65 years old(including 65 years old)with their ID card or certificate to respect the aged in Shaanxi;
  3)The soldiers:military personnel in active service(including retired officials),certificate of officers(including the retired),sergeant card
  4)The disabled(with valid certificate for the disabled)
  Policies for half-price ticket:
  Minors from 6 years old(excluding 6 years old)to 18 years old(including),students in pursuit of study in a college(or below it)with ID card or valid certificate
  1)Please count the ticket when buying the ticket.No procedure for refunding would be done once the ticket is sold out.
  2)All preferential policies are only targeted for the scenic spot with sightseeing bus and other charging projects being excluded.
  3)You can refer to working staffs for customer services in the scenic area for all details of the policies.
  4)Approval number for the ticket:Baoji price[2015]No.17 document
  Approval number for parking fees and ticket:Baoji price correspondence[2017]No.47 document