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People's Daily: sense of gain is an important gauge of policy

2018/07/30 10:10
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  "Settle!This policy concerns you!"This is a popular title sentence pattern on the Internet in 2017."Settled"means the strength of policy making after a long journey and a final hammer;"Related to you"indicates that the decision is not on the high side,always keep radiating your and his reforming temperature.
  To implement one thing,we need to make concerted efforts to strengthen policies in the economic and social fields over the past year.In the past,"a policy is an effect";Today,the face of the disease,for a step forward or to be very strong.How to do?A rolling stone mountain must be more accurate.Under the efforts of more accurate,the effectiveness of the reform will not be lost in the document implementation of the policy idling.
  Over the past year,reform efforts and policy temperature have enveloped us.However,from the grass-roots perspective,people's evaluation of what is the real power of the policy hongbao is not based on the document thickness but their own sense of gain.In 2017,tens of millions of people are expected to be lifted out of poverty."Points"have been introduced in more cities,and the equalization of public services has started to run,so that more new citizens can not only get in but also stay.To boost confidence,good entrepreneurship is reaffirmed.In order to free up the market,the business system further lowered the threshold for starting a business,such as"run once at most"grassroots exploration,and further set up the ordinary people to understand can measure the standard.Many long wanted to do but did not achieve the great matter finally carries out,the policy water,continues to irritate the people.
  Don't ever forget that a sense of gain is an important gauge of policy.General secretary xi jinping has said that the policy of the CPC central committee depends on whether villagers laugh or cry.If the villagers laugh,this is good policy,to adhere to;If somebody cries,explain policy wants to perfect and adjust.Facing the historical juncture of reform and opening up for 40 years,we should not only reiterate that"practice is the only standard to test truth",but also stress the bold practice and test the true knowledge of reform.At the same time,we should always bear in mind that"whether the masses support or not is an important criterion for our testing work".
  In 2018,more economic policies will focus on"achieving high-quality development"and more social policies are bound to respond to"people's desire for a better life".No matter what specific problem they are aiming at,every light hit should be visible,more visible smiley face.