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The time value of "the branch is built on the link"

2018/07/30 10:13
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  The primary party organization is the basis for ensuring the implementation of the party's line,principles,policies,decisions and arrangements,according to the report of the 19th CPC national congress.
  In 1927,MAO zedong led the autumn harvest uprising troops to sanwan village,yongxin county,jiangxi province for the first time to propose"the branch is built on the company",initially established the party's absolute leadership over the army,which is still important for the current grassroots construction of the party.As a basic-level organization of the army,"the branch is built on the company"is not only a basic principle and system for building the party and the army,but also the development foundation of our party construction,especially the basic-level party organization construction.It is of great historical significance and practical value to review the emergence and development of"branches built on connections"and summarize its experience,methods and functions,so as to strengthen the construction of the party's grassroots organizations and to arm the whole party with xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.
  "The party branch is built on the link"provides the foundation and platform for the party's cause.The prerequisite for strengthening the construction of grassroots party organizations in the new era is to build a stable platform.Through the work of our party and army in the"branch",for the first time in the army to row of the class to set up group,the company set up a party branch of the system,which makes the party's decision,the provisions in the basic unit organization carrier,thus effectively solve the problem of the party leadership over the army base,finally make a noticeably different forces,fighting an unprecedented increase.The current situation and tasks of the party and the external environment have undergone great changes,but the fact that the party is a strong and unified whole from the central government to the grassroots organization has never changed.As a grassroots party organization at the end of the whole party system,it is particularly important to implement the"last mile"task given by the party.Well at the primary level,the first is to complete the architecture of the grass-roots party organizations,role play,let the party branch also built not just on the"even",but rather to build to the workshop,the poverty line,company,school,and even built into the"building","network",in the premise of centralized and unified leadership,to ensure that party a variety of forms a variety of measures of the party's basic-level organization built strong-built,make it play out in leadership at the grass-roots level work really strong political function.
  "The branch is built on the link"has made the party basic level management has the rule law,the new era strengthens the basic level party organization construction key is must insist the question direction strengthens the management.,at present is to for some low quality of the rural party branch leaders,some community party branch service the masses do not reach the designated position,some outstanding enterprise party branch work,some authority party branch activities often do not wait for a phenomenon,firmly grasp and adhere to the"three will be a class"system,promote the party's basic-level organization and activities of setting up the innovation,to strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organization leader team,expand coverage for basic-level party organization,focus on solving the problem of weakening,along with some basic level party organizations,marginalized.We should pay close attention to study education,use the"four forms"of supervision and discipline,pay close attention to small matters early and guard against cheating,and truly make political discipline,organizational discipline,incorruptible discipline,mass discipline,work discipline and life discipline strict in grassroots party organizations.
  "The party branch is built on the link"makes the party organization more dynamic,the new era strengthens the grassroots party organization construction key is to enhance the organizational strength,appeal and cohesive force.The party branch is the most basic organization of the party and the foundation of the party's overall work and combat effectiveness.It is not only the ardent expectation of the party central committee for the primary party organization,but also the urgent need for the primary party organization to strengthen its own construction.In view of the ideological reality of grassroots party members,we should actively carry out party spirit training,be good at mobilizing and utilizing social resources and characteristic culture for education edification,and continuously improve the party spirit cultivation and party performance of grassroots party members.We should expand the coverage of grass-roots party organizations,uphold and improve the system of democratic centralism,take political life within the party seriously,and promote the normalization and institutionalization of organizational life.We should expand intra-party democracy at the primary level,make party affairs more open,and open channels for party members to participate in party affairs,supervise party organizations and cadres,and make Suggestions and Suggestions to higher party organizations.Enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the management of party member education,pay attention to the close combination of the characteristics of The Times and the actual work,integrate the learning and doing,knowledge and practice,and effectively stimulate party member's identity awareness,service awareness and pioneer awareness.
  "The party's branches are built on the link"makes the party's ideology and proposition more popular.To strengthen the construction of grassroots party organizations in the new era is to win the support of the people."What is the hardest thing in the world to do?It's about winning hearts and minds."This sentence fully expresses the profound truth that winning hearts is winning victories.However,the gathering of such a powerful force does not happen overnight.It is precisely because there are thousands of grassroots branches,firmly establish the purpose of serving the people,actively publicize the party's propositions,and consistently practice the party's mass line.In the new era,as a grassroots party organization,we should enhance people's ideas and feelings,and shoulder the responsibility of organizing,publicizing,rallying and serving the people.At the same time,we should enhance people's ability to work and innovate their working systems,mechanisms and methods.The most important thing is to always have the people in mind and serve the people wholeheartedly,always want to be together and work with the masses,and make greater contribution to fully implementing xi jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and thoroughly advancing the great new project of party building.