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The courage to carry out self-revolution is the most distinctive character of the party

2018/07/30 10:14
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  In 1945,in the cave in yan'an,comrade MAO zedong and Mr.Huang yanpei held a famous dialogue about the periodic law of history and firmly believed that the communist party of China would definitely jump out of the periodic law of history.Back then,they focused on the new conditions and problems that would come with China's communist party in power.
  Today,after 96 years of trials and tribulations,the communist party of China is just in its prime and becoming more and more vigorous.Looking back on the history of the party's struggle,what makes the communist party of China never ossified or stagnated,constantly displaying its new style and appearance,with a bright future in the face of adversity,an indomitable spirit in the face of hardship,and an indomitable spirit in the face of adversity?The answer is revolution.The communist party of China(CPC)dares to face up to problems and constantly improves its ability of self-purification,self-improvement,self-innovation and self-improvement,so as to crack the periodic law of history through glorious practice.
  In his report to the 19th CPC national congress,comrade xi jinping stressed that""the courage to carry out self-revolution and strictly manage the party is the most distinctive character of our party.""From a philosophical point of view,"revolution"is the qualitative change and leap of things,"self-revolution"is the subject consciously self-sublation process.Self-revolution means the courage to uphold the truth and correct mistakes at any time.It means constantly improving yourself and ensuring the health and vitality of the body.This is an important way and fundamental guarantee for a mature major party to maintain its advanced purity and keep its vitality forever.It is also a distinct trait and unique advantage of the CPC that distinguishes it from other parties.
  Brave self-revolution contains the superb political wisdom of our party.Our party is well aware that to achieve long-term governance,we must crack down on the historical proposition of the rise and fall of the country.The easiest fortress to break from the inside,the only one who can really bring us down is ourselves.Only with the strong spirit of self-revolution and unremitting efforts to combat their own problems and mistakes can we break out of the cycle of history,build up our own fortress,and provide ourselves with an endless stream of vitality and motivation.This reflects our party's superb political wisdom in grasping the law of history.It is with this wisdom that our party has established a whole set of internal institutions and mechanisms for self-renewal.Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China in particular,the party has faced up to the problem of loose and soft governance of the party,issued a series of guidelines,regulations and norms to seriously conduct party life,strengthen intra-party supervision,give play to the role of inspection and inspection,and constantly improve the political immunity of detoxification and sterilization and physical fitness.
  The courage to self-revolutionize shows the selflessness and courage of our party.The self-revolution is to scrape the bone to cure poison,a strong man to break his wrist,remodel the body,is to pick up the scalpel to operate on himself.It is inevitable to touch on the deep-seated problems and to get rid of the chronic diseases.Looking around the world's political parties,only the communist party of China has this insight into its own problems of sobriety and inward courage.Where does this courage come from?As comrade xi jinping put it,"our party has the courage of self-revolution because it has no special interests of its own other than the interests of the country,the nation and the people.To seek the root and the great benefit of the people without seeking personal gain is to examine oneself from the nature and purpose of the party and from the fundamental interests of the people.Can not cover up shortcomings,not to avoid problems,not decorated,there are shortcomings to overcome shortcomings,there are problems to solve problems,there is a mistake to admit and correct mistakes.""Not private,but public."As a marxist party,our party represents the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people.The purpose of the party is to serve the people heart and soul."heart and soul"means no selfishness and no impurities.Therefore,those who are beneficial to the interests of the people will insist unwaveringly.If it is unfavorable to the interests of the people,it shall not hesitate to correct.It was this great selflessness that made our party so courageous.
  Brave in self-revolution reveals our party's mission and responsibility.Since its founding,our party has inscribed its mission of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on its own flag.Through the new democratic and socialist revolutions,the socialist construction and reform and opening up,our party united and led the Chinese people to overcome numerous difficulties and create great miracles.China today is a far cry from when the communist party of China was founded.The last leg of a journey marks the halfway point.How do you get to this critical part of the road?History has shown us that,without the leadership of the communist party of China,national rejuvenation must be fanciful.Only by strengthening the party can the Chinese people successfully advance towards the established goal under the firm leadership of the party.To strengthen the party,we must have the courage to reform ourselves.As the leader of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics,the CPC has been deeply advancing the great new project of party building,constantly improving its governing capacity and leading level,and always becoming the strong core of leadership to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.