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Grasp the spirit of implementing the central committee's eight regulations politically

2018/07/30 10:15
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  In his report to the 19th CPC national congress,general secretary xi jinping called for firm adherence to strict party governance in all respects,persistent efforts to uphold the CPC's core principles and discipline,following the above targets,consolidating and expanding the implementation of the spiritual achievements of the central committee's eight-point regulations,continuing to address the"four winds"problem,and firmly opposing the idea of privilege and phenomenon of privilege.We will conscientiously implement the requirements of the general secretary of the CPC central committee and work tirelessly to implement the eight provisions of the CPC central committee.
  We should uphold the spirit of the central committee's eight-point regulations from the height of maintaining the core.Good at standing on the commanding heights of the political grasp direction,grasp the trend,grasp the overall situation,the 18th party congress it is the party central committee with comrade xi for the core in governing a prominent characteristics,its a remarkable,is to implement the central eight spirit as the 18th session of the central opening to catch a big thing,opened up a wind against ji,turbidity Yang qing,refresh the management style of change,the writing style of our party to change style of a new chapter.After five years of unremitting efforts,great historic achievements have been made in implementing the spirit of the central committee's eight-point regulation.Practice fully shows that the spirit of implementing the central committee's eight-point regulations is not only a matter of style,but also a political issue highly consistent with the CPC central committee with comrade xi jinping as the core.We should note that the major policy decisions and arrangements made by the party central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core,from a political and overall perspective,are a sore loser struggle with the strongest determination,the most serious spirit and the strictest yardstick to uphold the style of work.We should see that this is a major task that general secretary xi jinping has put in a prominent position and repeatedly emphasized and focused on.This is a solemn commitment made by the party central committee to the party and the people.Implement the central eight spirit is,as it were,the party central committee about politics,with a clear-cut stand firmly establish a political consciousness,overall situation consciousness,core,look,we resolutely defend the party central committee with comrade xi as the core of authority and centralized and unified leadership of the signature requirements,is the party members and cadres,especially leading cadres,senior cadres"four consciousness"direct test of strength is not strong,is determined to maintain general secretary xi direct inspection of core strong consciousness is not strong.Maintaining the core is the biggest and most fundamental politics of our party in the new era.Breaking the spirit of the central committee's eight-point rule is by no means a"minor issue"in the work style,but a major political issue.
  To consolidate the party's ruling status and implement the spirit of the central committee's eight regulations.The party conduct of the ruling party is not only related to the future and destiny of the party,but also to the future and destiny of the country and the nation.As general secretary xi jinping has pointed out in depth,as the ruling party of marxism,our party should not only have a strong force of truth,but also a strong force of personality.The strength of truth is embodied in the correct theory of our party and the strength of personality in its fine style of work.History is the best antidote.A at the beginning of the founding of the only more than 50 members of the party become today has more than 8900 members of the world's largest party,become a socialist nation more than 1.3 billion people the leadership of the ruling party,become an age always walk in the forefront,to self revolution,embody the advanced nature and purity of the marxist ruling party,in the final analysis is that the party's powerful personality power,is the heartfelt endorsement and support of the people.The party's fine style of work is the root of the party's great strength of personality,the root of the party's popular support,and the root of consolidating the party's ruling position.Over a period of time,the party's fine style of work has been eroded,and the unhealthy tendency has become more and more serious,which has greatly damaged the relationship between party groups and cadres and even endangered the party's ruling foundation.To implement the spirit of the central committee's eight regulations is to rebuild our party's character and strength and strengthen its political foundation for governing by redressing the shortcomings of its style of work and removing the filth of its conduct.Party's 19 report to strengthen the party's long-term ruling ability construction as an important task of the party's construction,we must make persistent efforts,and to always in the way of tenacity and dedication,consolidate the development to carry out the central eight set spiritual achievement,let the good style root,let fresh air healthy become fashion,make our party more solid the foundation of the long-term administration.
  Standing in the realization of the mission of the ruling high grasp the implementation of the central committee of the spirit of the eight provisions.The 19th CPC report painted a grand blueprint for realizing the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.To turn this grand blueprint into a vivid practice and a beautiful reality,we must have a good style of work to guarantee.To carry out the spirit,the regulations of the central eight is to through the change of style style,strive to build a loyal,personal clean,have the courage to take on the quality of cadres,the party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres,especially leading cadres was supposed to do in advance of the party and the state of various career always accomplish the heart,dedicated,keep in mind the responsibility,work diligently.It should be noted that some party organizations and party cadres are still faced with the problem of unsubstantiated work style.Some of them hold the attitude of"as long as there is no accident,they would rather not do anything".We must stand at the height of implement the party's ruling mission,persistent implementation of the central eight spirit,strengthen the supervision and enforcement accountability,not bear serious regulation,implementation,as,as,in particular to formalism and bureaucratism attitude towards the central decision-making deployed in the crucial poverty,environmental protection and other fields of deception,in part,such as every so seriously damage the interests of the outstanding problems,and urged party members and cadres down-to-earth,hard work,"put on more steam rolled up his sleeves",to ensure that the major policies of the central establish and implement policies and measures.
  Stand in the height of purifying the political ecology of the party,grasp the spirit of implementing the central committee's eight regulations.We cannot create a clean working environment without a good political environment.The 19th CPC report calls for putting the political construction of the party in the first place,creating a sound political ecology with clean air and positive atmosphere,and seizing the foundation of strict party governance in an all-round way.Implementing the spirit of the central committee's eight-point regulation is a basic work for serious inner-party political life and purifying the inner-party political ecology.General secretary xi jinping has pointed out in depth that the"four winds"are contrary to the nature and purpose of our party.Other problems existing in the party are related to the"four winds",or derived from the"four winds".If the"four winds"problem is solved,other problems within the party will be better solved.To implement the spirit of the central committee's eight regulations,we should focus on the early part of the party's political culture.Party to carry out the central eight regulations spirit in 5 years,the wind rose upright,looks brand-new mental outlook,one of the important reasons is that by resolutely correct public eating and drinking,travel,gifts and other luxuries,prompted the general party member cadre self-reflection,temper the party spirit,enhance ideological level and political consciousness,strict discipline,improved style from the shame-awareness know check on behavior,convergence,gradually increased to proud of hard work and plain living,cultural consciousness of ashamed of luxury enjoyment.In implementing the spirit of the central committee's eight-point regulation,we must,in the end,keep close contact with the masses,be realistic and practical,work hard and plain,and become a firm belief rooted in the hearts of party cadres,and a political culture thawed deep in the minds of party cadres.With the support of the political culture in the party,a good political ecology will have rich soil and will surely be flourishing and vigorous.