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Travel health care four attention

2018/08/27 12:57
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  1.As a matter of fact,it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes.It is not appropriate to wear new shoes,shoes and high heels when traveling.Do not back li ning to reduce arm muscle fatigue.
  2.Careful diet:when traveling,take your own food,you should make it or buy it on the day.Do not put it too long to avoid food poisoning caused by eating spoiled food.
  3.Anti-carsickness:people who are suffering from carsickness should eat before travelling,and they should tighten their belts and keep happy when travelling,and pay more attention to distant targets.
  4.Ingenious soil control:drink tea with local tea or tea with raw eggs;Take some honey and drink more honey water.Take an antiallergic agent like chloramine or diphenhydramine.