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Health tips for summer travel

2018/07/30 10:20
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  It is the summer vacation soon,which brings many people the chance to travel.When you enjoy the beautiful time of nature,don't forget to prevent the travel sickness.Ultraviolet radiation from the summer sun can be harmful to human skin.
  In order to prevent the ultraviolet radiation sickness,must arrange the time reasonably when traveling,avoids the midday to go out as far as possible,especially the hot weather does not have the wind not to do the wilderness tour;As far as possible wear light color,qualitative thin,loose,perspire breathable long sleeve unlined upper garment,the body is bare part should besmear on sunblock;Wear a sun hat under the sun;Sunglasses can avoid the stimulation of strong light on the eyes and should be worn;In order to maintain the balance of water and salt metabolism,it is necessary to drink several cool drinks containing salt and water-soluble vitamins.Summer day travel exercise should not be too large,to increase the number of rest,with some medicine for backup;Travel should besmear prevent bask in things,wash as far as possible"sunbathe",because overmuch expose in sunshine,can quicken the skin ageing,and can make the skin becomes coarse,flabby,appear blood silk,easy to get skin cancer.
  Summer temperature is high,perspiration,travel is the most prone to heat stroke.So,how should you prevent heat stroke when going out to travel in summer?
  Wear light-colored clothes:white,light-colored or plain clothes should be worn when traveling in summer.Black or blue clothes should not be worn,because white,light-colored or plain clothes absorb heat slowly,dissipate heat quickly,and are cool to wear.
  Wear insulated straw hat:woven straw hat material is mostly hollow,heat insulation role.In addition,the straw hat has a certain shade effect on the sun.Therefore,it's better to wear a straw hat or take a sunshade when traveling in summer.
  Rest at noon:the air is fresh and the climate cool in the morning.Therefore,in the summer travel,the departure time should be early,to rest at noon,after three or four in the afternoon tourism activities.
  Drink salt water:high in summer,excessive sweating,salt reduction in the body,the osmotic pressure in the body will lose balance,resulting in heatstroke.And drink some water or salt tea,can supplement the salt lost in the body,thus preventing heat.
  Take anti-heat medicine:on the way of travel,easy to encounter changeful climate,cold and hot weather is most easy to catch a cold,hot and humid weather is most likely to heat stroke.Therefore,summer travel should take some summer anti-heat drugs.Such as people Dan,cool oil,million gold oil,wind oil essence,ten drops of water,mint ingots,huo xiang zhengqi water.In case of heatstroke,the patient should be taken to a cool and ventilated place to lie down to rest,then the patient unbuttoned,with a cold towel on the patient's head and neck,and the patient to take some people Dan or 10 drops.If the patient passes out,you can use your fingers to pinch the points of the patient's body or to prick the points of the fingers of the hands.Take the patient to a nearby hospital when he is better.