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"Seven taboos" for middle-aged and elderly tourists

2018/07/30 10:21
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  Don't be so unprepared that you can't afford to be lobbied by others,don't think about your health,and don't have time to prepare essential medicines.
  2 avoid do not choose weather to go out travel,should know the weather condition of destination first,predict wind and rain,decide a journey next.
  3 avoid when car bumps take a bus choose intermediate position as far as possible,when necessary add a layer of soft mat on the seat,in case car bumps cause lumbar discomfort.
  Four avoid defy old and young person comparison,medium old person physical strength,endurance all occupy downwind,reason should act according to ability,must not act rashly.
  5 avoid interrupt the treatment of the elderly with chronic diseases,although can also travel,but if forget medicine,interrupt the course of treatment,may lead to relapse.
  To avoid falling,travel with minimal risk.If you climb,hold a staff to maintain your balance.
  Seven avoid gluttonous in the face of local delicacies,local flavor snacks,can not be rejected,such as unlimited diet,will certainly increase the burden of gastrointestinal,causing gastrointestinal diseases.