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17 good solutions for handling motion sickness, seasickness and airsickness

2018/07/30 10:22
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  Motion sickness is caused by the brain receiving the wrong message in the environment.Dr.Donobosky points out.To balance the body,our sensory organs constantly collect information from the outside world and send it to the inner ear.Like a computer,the inner ear organizes these messages and sends them to the brain.Motion sickness,seasickness or airsickness can occur when our balance system detects a discrepancy between what the inner ear receives and what the eye receives.
  It doesn't happen to everyone,but when it does,you'll feel dizzy,sweaty,pale,nauseous,and possibly nauseous.Once you feel motion sickness,it's not easy to stop it,especially if you feel nauseous.
  The following treatments can help you deal with all your symptoms and may cause you to end them early.Better yet,they prevent symptoms.The next time you take a boat,you can swim in the waves.
  Psychological effect
  Part of the reason for motion sickness is psychological.If you think you're going to vomit,that could be the case."Said conabotus.Think of other good things to distract yourself from.
  Avoid bad smell
  The smell of engine smoke on a boat,the smell of dead fish in an ice bucket or a sardine sandwich from inside the cabin can make you sick.
  If you are a smoker,you may think that a cigarette will calm you and prevent airsickness.Wrong!Cigarettes only make you sick faster.If you do not smoke,you should run away from the smoking area when you feel sick.
  Don't overeat on the trip
  A bumpy journey may make you uncomfortable with certain foods.Don't overdo it,even if the food in the dining car or cabin is abundant and tempting.
  Keep the air fresh
  Fresh air prevents nausea.If you are inside,open the window.If you are in the cabin,try to smell the sea air on the deck.If you're on an airplane,you can turn the ventilation on.
  Moderate drinking
  Too much alcohol can interfere with the brain's ability to process information about the environment and can cause airsickness or seasickness."Dr.Conra said.Plus,alcohol dissolves in the body fluids of the inner ear,making you feel dizzy.On the road,drink enough.
  Sufficient sleep fatigue increases the chance of motion sickness(airsickness or seasickness).Therefore,you must get enough sleep before you leave.A short nap on the road also helps.
  Try to fix the head
  You should avoid tormenting your brain,which has been shaken by the car.
  Sat in the front seat
  Sit in the front seat of the car and watch the road or the road ahead.This helps the brain coordinate messages from the body and eyes.Better yet,drive on your own,keeping your eyes on the road ahead and alert to any changes in your movements.
  Don't read on a bumpy journey
  Reading on a moving vehicle can make your printing press jump,which can make you feel dizzy.Try to avoid it.If you have to read,keep your distance from the book as close as possible.
  Hold no longer
  Especially poor ventilation of the cabin,more not long.Get some air on the deck or anywhere else.
  If you know that motion sickness is inevitable,take a pill(such as drama-mine or Bonine)beforehand.Take it several hours before you leave to prevent symptoms.Take 1-2 tablets for 24 hours.But be sure to take it beforehand,as it is only used for prevention and cannot be treated.
  Other solutions
  Traditional therapies still work and they don't necessarily work every time,but they've been around for a long time,and some of them are still around today,and it's worth a try.
  Ginger:recent scientific studies have shown that ginger can prevent drought,and two capsules are better than Dramamine.The researchers believe that ginger works by absorbing stomach acid to prevent nausea.
  Olives and lemons:the early stages of airsickness produce excess saliva,which drips into your stomach and makes you feel nauseous.The tannins produced by olives can dry your mouth.So,at the first sign of nausea,eating a bit of olive helps to reduce nausea,as does chewing lemon dry.
  Soda cracker:it doesn't stop the saliva from coming in,but when it reaches the stomach,it absorbs excess fluid.The secret ingredient is sodium bicarbonate and tartar.
  Coca-Cola syrup:this syrup can be added to mineral water,help children with airsickness.Other carbonated cola drinks may also be effective.Try it.