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Don't travel in summer without insurance

2018/07/30 10:27
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  As the solar term enters the summer heat,all primary and middle schools have been closed one after another.Travel,the important is not the destination,but the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery.Maybe green mountains,maybe green water,maybe rapids,maybe another noisy city..While enjoying the mountains and rivers,tourists often ignore many uncertain factors,that is,there may be accidents at any time,and the beautiful scenery will be meaningless if they are not in the mood to appreciate it.So,the summer vacation travel,please take the insurance to set out together,safe and at ease again!Outbound travel:first choice travel aid insurance
  Take a family to go abroad travel,should pay special attention to buy the insurance of what respect?
  The personage inside insurance industry says,given at present outbound travel is more and more hot,considering to be in abroad inpatient treatment cost is higher,the medical treatment safeguard forehead of abroad travel danger is higher,the main distinction that each danger is planted depends on whether to provide medical treatment charge to advance pay in urgent aid,this also affected insurance cost directly high and low.Of course,traveling abroad,timely and efficient rescue services are especially important for tourists.
  Therefore,if traveling abroad,it is suggested that the first choice of the insured travel assistance insurance.In this way,once the insured is out of danger in foreign countries,as long as the insurance company to cooperate with the rescue agencies,rescue companies will provide a dragon service.The procedure of this kind of insurance is very simple,the tourist can go directly to relevant travel agency to deal with all insurance formalities,or go directly to the airport to insure,or go directly to insurance company to buy.These accidents may cause much trouble to the tourists,or cause you to stay in foreign hospitals for aid and treatment.Before going abroad,buy a travel insurance,you can easily let you and your family feel at ease.Insurance mistake should avoid mistake a:does the travel agent cast protect on line?
  Some tourists traveling with the group believe that as long as the travel agency has the travel liability insurance,they can contact the insurance company for any problems.Is that really the case?
  Travel liability insurance is not a substitute for travel accident insurance.Travel danger includes travel responsibility danger and travel accident danger two kinds of danger.Travel liability insurance is the insurance that the country enforces a travel agency to must accept,but,this danger is planted only for travel agency because negligence or negligence needs to assume the active liability to pay,if the tourist has had an accident to be not covered by the insurance scope,travel agency bears only partial responsibility commonly.The tourists traveling with the group had better supplement one travel accident insurance by themselves,for the travel last"double insurance",travel accident accident insurance covers the tourists'personal injury caused by accident in the travel process.
  At the same time,if the tourist has insured liability insurance at the same time as an accident risk,then the occurrence of an accident caused by the liability of the travel agent can obtain double indemnity from the insurance company.Mistake 2:after be out of danger,can full compensation?
  Many people think they'll get paid in full for their insurance,but that's a myth.Be like the insurance amount that person accident insurance place agrees is the highest insurance gold limitation that insurance company bears to pay only,and be not actual pay amount,except aviation accident can get the highest compensation amount outside,other person accident insurance is to be paid by scale.In addition,many travel accident risks are exempt from liability for high-risk activities such as horse racing,rock climbing,adventure rafting,diving,alpine skiing,skateboarding,bungee jumping and surfing.Therefore,tourists should pay attention to whether the travel insurance introduced by the insurance company has restrictions on the compensation.Mistake 3:guarantee the higher the better?"In contrast to the domestic travel market,some foreign countries require a certain amount of insurance coverage before entry.Domestic travel insurance is classified into travel accident and accident and traffic accident,and foreign travel is in the accident on the basis of an emergency rescue risk.Experts remind that the insurance amount of overseas travel insurance should refer to the number of days,regional consumption level and so on,the higher the insurance amount is not the better.If you go to eu countries,you need to purchase an accident medical insurance with a guarantee of no less than 30 thousand euros(about 300 thousand yuan)and with the function of overseas rescue.If go to the United States,Japan and other countries with high medical expenses,the amount of medical insurance should not be less than 200,000 yuan;While going to Thailand and other Asian countries,the amount of medical insurance coverage can be around 100,000 yuan.Travel purchase insurance should refer to the number of travel days,travel destination consumption level,the higher the insurance amount is not the better.