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Response to changes in the weather on the way to travel

2018/07/30 10:29
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  1.Be prepared and aware of severe weather
  As mentioned above,field workers should learn about the weather in general so as to understand the characteristics of the weather in the field and why the weather changes.Thus,learn to observe the weather as necessary and useful in practical activities
  1.Be prepared and aware of severe weather
  As mentioned above,field workers should learn about the weather in general so as to understand the characteristics of the weather in the field and why the weather changes.Thus,learn how to observe the weather,and how to draw and judge the weather map.
  Weather observation is a method of trying to predict the future weather by observing the brightness of stars,the sun,the moon,the shape of clouds,the movement,etc.This is since ancient times,field work such as fishermen and woodcutters in the natural environment,from the actual experience of the actual experience of the weather prediction methods,many also have a full scientific basis.
  Some meteorologists can fully predict the next day's weather simply by the shape and motion of the clouds.The first step in field meteorology is to look at the sky and the clouds.Looking at the sky is a great way to predict the weather.Please refer to the relevant special books for details.
  Second,if possible,learn to map correctly for radio weather observations.Recently,due to the development of observational instruments,considerable accurate and rich meteorological data have been obtained.Weather charts and national weather conditions are broadcast to the public at a fixed time every day.Recently,high-level weather maps have also been widely used.
  People often think it is difficult to draw a weather map.May as well buy the weather map paper,first practice drawing weather map.If you learn to look at the sky,you can use weather maps more effectively in the wild.
  Well,the first thing to prepare for bad weather is:first of all,there must be no shortage of weather radio and weather map paper.A small,lightweight radio that can listen to shortwave broadcasts is preferable.So you can listen to the weather report in the early hours.Also,don't forget to bring a spare dry battery.
  In addition,it should be assumed that the adverse weather conditions,adequate equipment,food,carrying rain gear,windproof jacket,sweater,gloves,etc.This is not to mention,in order to avoid the back-up shirts,pants and other wet,should also be packed into plastic bags.If you have some allowance,you may bring your tent with you.It will be useful in case of emergency.When it comes to food,individuals should take dry food with them.The main selection criteria are easy to swallow,easy to digest and high calorie,especially for those foods that are immediately converted into calories,such as goat soup,condensed milk,chocolate,etc.
  What should you do first in bad weather
  In case of severe weather,measures should be taken as soon as possible.As the weather in the wild is changeable,in order to avoid the body being hit by strong winds,raincoats should be put on before the weather deteriorates.If the weather is expected to be bad,wear panties first.Prepare replace collection of clothing must be appropriate,and check again,avoid wet,otherwise,once meet weather deterioration,prepare again,may be too late,because once the body all wet,not only the physical consumption is inevitable,thus increased the difficulty of change clothes,and,in the high winds and heavy snow change clothes,even harder to almost impossible.
  Eat before the weather in the wild deteriorates.Because in bad weather,you don't have enough time to eat slowly,and you may not be able to eat for a long time.
  Regarding team action,the scheduled trip should be confirmed first.Confirm whether there is any change of route,one stop rest place,location of camp area,etc.Also,the status of each member of the team,the absence or absence of the team,and whether the baggage allocation can be maintained as is without adjustment should also be reviewed.And most of all,there is concerted action.In bad weather,teams are easily separated and difficult to command.As a result,it can sometimes create very dangerous conditions.
  3.Conditions for continued action in severe weather
  Decisions should be made depending on the severity of the weather and the team's ability to cope.If the team is still able to reach the destination,and is not incapacitated by bad weather,and is well equipped to cope with it,it may be advisable to proceed as planned.
  However,it is important to understand the possible impacts of severe weather,such as the tendency of rock walls to slide when damp and the difficulty of distinguishing routes due to poor visibility,which can lead to uncontrollable time tables.In addition,the fatigue that each team member feels at this time will also be more intense than usual,so should carefully consider the above situation before taking action.In the course of action,the leader should really take command,give play to the spirit of coordination and cooperation,and advance bravely to the destination.
  Even if one member of the team is in poor condition,he should act in accordance with his situation.If his baggage load is reduced,he may act in unison with the rest of the team.Or take a break to wait for better weather.In a word,do not force action.It is often disastrous to struggle through bad weather.
  How do you decide whether to camp or not
  In pretty bad weather,where there is little room for the whole team to go on,think about camping.After the severe weather,the temporary decision to sleep rough not only made it difficult to find a place,but also made it difficult to prepare;Therefore,the decision to sleep rough must be made as soon as possible before the weather becomes worse.The method of rough sleeping has been stated before,but it is advisable to avoid rough sleeping as much as possible.In contrast,it is safer to enter nearby dwellings as soon as possible.
  All of the above has been described,but the most important thing is to make a detailed plan.As mentioned in the previous chapter,the flexibility to cope with weather changes should also be included in the planned schedule.Then,in case of bad weather,do not force action,just lie in a tent or hut and wait for the weather to clear.Of course,working class people engaged in wilderness activities often act rashly due to poor schedules,and the results are likely to be dangerous.So instead of appearing in the press and becoming news,why not take a day off afterwards?It is always right to cherish life.