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Guan shan grassland, there is a beautiful legend

2018/08/01 17:28
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  Have you been to shaanxi?Have you ever been to baoji guan mountain in shaanxi?There are also grasslands here,and walking into the guanshan grassland,you will be intoxicated by the unity of nature and harmony here.
  The guanshan grassland is 130 kilometers away from baoji city and 300 kilometers away from xi'an city.It is the only european-style AAAA scenic area in the northwest inland region with alpine meadows as the main part.
  Arrived at the guanshan grassland,listen to the local people,guanshan in June still coagulant frost,wild three spring no flowers.The cold climate makes the guanshan grassland cool and moist.There is no obvious summer in the whole year.Spring and autumn are linked together and the highest summer temperature is only 26 degrees.In the scenic area,the meadows are lush,the slope is gentle and broad,the mountain peak is round,the ridge is undulating,the green blanket is rolling and spreading.Water quality is clear,flow is stable,air is fresh,climate is pleasant,formed the natural tourism resource landscape with unique characteristics.
  Guanshan grassland is rich in grass,abundant in rain and vast in area.It has been a famous natural pasture since ancient times.There are more than 2,000 horses in guanshan scenic spot,among which more than 400 are available for tourists to ride after training,quarantine,sorting and selection.To the guanshan grassland horseback riding is a combination of physical strength and vigor of a training,is also a pleasant fun.
  In 1958,longxian county set up the state-owned guanshan horse farm,introduced kyrgyz female horses,selected latvian male horses for hybrid improvement,and bred"guanzhong horse",which made the horses here reproduce the appearance characteristics of han and tang horses.
  In the early western zhou dynasty,qin ancestors for weeks between the child is in Qian royal forage feed horses,"Martha FanXi,"meritorious,Zhou Xiao 8 years(before 890)was created in the state of the zhou dynasty,food city,built in the regionalization of dental township grinding son tableland.By 770 BC,because Qin Xiang male escort his drought-striken fields Wang Dongqian los city,officially dubbed warlord,set up the state of qin,celebrates its Qian city,township is located in the southeast of the regionalization beep ditch tableland.The qin people started from animal husbandry in the mountain and grassland of longshan mountain and gradually completed the transformation process from swimming animal husbandry to agricultural nation.It was from this area to the guanzhong plain that the country was unified.Therefore,longshan mountain and qianhe river basin are the birthplace of qin culture and one of the cradles of Chinese culture.At the height of the tang dynasty,the horse herding industry in gushan was more developed,and the imperial court set up the longyou horse keeper.In the han and tang dynasties,the heroic bearing of the han and tang horses originated from guanshan grassland.
  There is also a beautiful story about guanshan grassland.Legend has it that the queen mother of the west lives in the yao chi fairyland on the tianshan mountain.The king of zhou mu sent him to the west on the chariot of the eight horses,and went to yao chi on the auspicious day to pay his respects to the queen mother of the west.King mu presented the queen mother with beautiful jade silks and satins.The queen mother of the west entertained the son of the east with fine food and wine.Mu wang and wang mother open their hearts,feelings are heating up.Before he returned to Beijing,he held a banquet at the jade pool to thank his mother.The queen mother of the western zhou mu for the king of the"white clouds ballad",king zhou mu impromptu poetry and to express love.
  There was no reply from king mu of zhou.A few years later,the mother took tianma from the jade pool to xiujing xunhui mu wang.Tianma to guan shan,hungry and impatient,landing long lying.The queen mother flapped her long sleeves,and the bare hills were rustling with green grass.He pulled out his golden clasp on the grass and the clear water rolled over.After eating and drinking,tianma's spirit comes to life.The queen of the west rode into the sky,leaving the grasslands and rivers forever at the top of the mountains.
  Today,it is a place of feng shui,natural climate and gestation of the world.Through the ages,people regarded the pass as impassable.And the prairie adds a bit of color and haze to this mysterious place,how can not let a person yearn for?
  There are not many legends that are directly related to the guanshan grassland in history,or have not been discovered.But from the western zhou dynasty to the han dynasty,the guanshan grassland area has always been an important pasture with strategic significance.
  From now on,let's go to the guanshan grassland--the summer of 20 degrees only has one word:cool!In autumn,gold will be accompanied by cattle and sheep,which will become a fairy tale.
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