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Must-knows when entering the park

2018/09/21 10:44
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  You are welcome to come over to Guanshan grassland scenic spot.To give you a comfortable environment and good travel experience,please carefully read the following instructions:
  1.Please come over to the ticket window to get a ticket.Rules for buying the ticket can be seen outside the ticket window.Please take care of your ticket for our second-time inspection.
  2.We get two entrances and exists at the southern and northern place.Travelers are required to buy another ticket if you need to re-enter it after getting out.
  3.One ticket for one person.The ticket can only be used for the day.Tickets that are sold out are to be refunded.Do not resell the ticket.
  4.Explosive and flammable objects,knives and other dangerous articles are banned;
  5.The following activities and actions are banned:
  No fire in the wilderness.
  Do not travel in areas that are not open to the public or that are installed with a warning.
  Do not break off flowers,grass or trees.Do not destroy natural ecological landscape or public utilities.Do not damage or capture wild animals in the scenic spot.
  Do not spit.Do not throw around sundries or wastes.Be civilized.
  Do not get engaged in business activities in the scenic spots without consent.
  Do not engage in law-breaking actions that might lead to physical or asset loss of you or others.
  6.Matters needing attention for asset and individual safety:
  Properly take care of your own belongings during travel.Store them in the storage place if they are not convenient to be carried out.
  Take care of the old and the children as the scenic spot has high slopes.The senior above 60 years old and the minors should be escorted by their guardian.
  Please take care of warning for safety.Observe order for travel.Do not play around while climbing the mountain,ascending the ladder or passing through the trestle.Do not wear slippers or high-heeled shoes in case of emergencies.
  Do not pitch a tent for picnic as the scenic area is frequented by wild animals.Take your meals and accommodation in appointed reception spots.
  Do not eat wild vegetables,fruits or mushroom in case of intoxication.
  Listen to guidance of working staffs in times of sleet,thunderstorms or other severe weather.Evacuate in an orderly way.
  Please abide by instructions for entrance in case of major activities or large-scaled activities.
  7.The scenic area and relevant companies are not responsible for accidents caused due to travelers’breach of relevant rules or due to their negligence or fault.Those who cause major accidents should compensate or claim corresponding legal responsibilities for such a case as would cause loss of the scenic area and others in accordance with relevant laws.
  8.When travelers buy a ticket,it is deemed that they show consent to Must-knows for Travelers and Must-knows for Ticket-Buying.