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The new era is the "big" era: more and bigger things need to be done

2018/07/30 10:07
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  After the 19th century,"new era"became a key word to understand our historical orientation.
  The word"time",because it points to a grand concept of time beyond the individual,has filled people with excitement;The"new era",more because of the moving image,allows people to have a broader vision of the past,the present and the future.
  Not long ago,President xi jinping delivered a speech at the APEC summit in danang,Vietnam.Five minutes before President xi entered,most of the guests had already stood up.The speech,which lasted more than 30 minutes,won 17 applause.For whom?To whom?It is dedicated to such a big country as China and President xi jinping as the leader of such a big country and a world-class leader.
  Big party big country,big development big leap,big history big contribution,big wisdom big pattern...The new era initiated and planned by the contemporary communists,as represented by general secretary xi jinping,is a big era,which is embodied in the development goal of"doing and accomplishing great things",and more importantly,it demonstrates the spirit of"great mind and spirit".
  The new era is a great era,an era of doing and accomplishing great things.Look at China now and think about China in the future."One Belt And One Road",such as two wings,"millennium project"is rising,beijing-tianjin-hebei integration is advancing deeply,the Yangtze river economic belt runs from east to west,the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area draws a big circle Not to mention the crisscrossing high-speed rail network,space technology for lunar exploration,the burgeoning artificial intelligence,super rice,supercomputers,ultra-high-speed rail transit.Each and every one of them could change China,change history and change the world.
  Today's China has found its own sense of being in the larger world.Seeing the transmission tower across the vast Nile river as a new local landmark,the china-made locomotive running through the old buildings of Vienna,and the kenyans proud to be on the train that China built the mongne railway,everyone will be convinced that China has entered a new era and will do more and bigger things.And each of these major events,we walk the world's support,we are strong and confident in the air.
  The new era is a big era.The Chinese nation has made indelible contributions to the progress of human civilization,but in modern times,"backwardness has limited our imagination."At the site of the great congress of the communist party of China,general secretary xi jinping pondered for a long time before the modern Chinese current affairs cartoon"current situation map".Bears,eagles,dogs,and toads dominate China's landscape.What a shame!China was a sheep to be slaughtered.At that time,the idea of China's future was regarded as science fiction.Bold as liang qichao's"the future of new China","the new era"by the owners of bihe library,and"new China"by Luke scherer,they only imagined that China would turn defeat into victory under the old world system.
  Today's China,with the world's second largest economy and the concerted efforts of 1.3 billion people,has opened up new imaginary space for the future and the world.Just as foreign media said,"China is redefining the world".This is the grand history of grasping time:the pursuit of revival,two 15 years as a step,and the coordinates of important time nodes,the"time view"of general secretary xi jinping,has both ideal passion and practical calmness.This is a broad vision of the world:to build a better world with a community of Shared future for mankind,and to make greater contributions to mankind.What is its big?How big is it?The answer lies within us,beneath us.
  Chinese people describe big,and the common word is"as great as nothing but great".The biggest,the biggest,everything,everything.From the details of people's livelihood to the order of the world,from the profound history to the distant future,our new era will certainly be an era of"the greatest of all".