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People's Daily: gain new glory with dedication

2018/07/30 10:08
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Reaping new glory with dedication(commentator's observation)
--let the"red boat spirit"shine through The Times
Hong-xing li
  By carrying forward the party's dedication to serving the public and the people with loyalty,our party will be able to muster the great power to build a dream and make the road to the people's beautiful life accessible to all
  ""as a member of China's 34th Antarctic expedition,the'red boat spirit'inspired me to fight in the scientific research front,overcome the harsh environment for many times and participate in the oceanic and polar studies.""After the red boat spirit symposium,a female geologist born in the 1980s returned the learning feeling from the xue long.The power of spirit is infinite.Originated from the spirit of nanhu lake in jiaxing,zhejiang nearly a hundred years ago,it illuminates the way forward for countless people,inspiring the young generation to be public,selfless and dedicated.
  The profound connotation of"red boat spirit"includes not only the fine tradition of the Chinese nation,but also the political character of Chinese communists."To sacrifice more ambition,dare to teach the new day."The history of the communist party of China is a history of heroic sacrifice and selfless dedication for the liberation of the nation,the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people.""ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people""has always been the Chinese communist party's unchanging oath.Whether it is jiao yulu who aspires to"live and die in the sand dunes,and live and die in the same way as his father",or gu wenchang who vows to"do nothing to save the people from suffering";Whether it is shen hao who died in the front line of work,or jiang shikun,the"sheep secretary"who has exhausted the last effort to lead the people out of poverty It is with the selfless dedication of thousands of party members that we start and devote ourselves to the cause of striving for it that we are able to climb over difficulties,prosper and constantly open up new horizons.
  According to media statistics,since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China,general secretary xi jinping has repeatedly instructed the whole party to learn from excellent and advanced models.From justice"eep"Zou Bihua,new yu Mr.Li to the taihang mountains,Liao Junbo swoop down from his hard work,to adhere to science and technology service to ideal Huang Danian,their advanced deeds,but one thing is common,that is they have one for the party and the people of selfless dedication to the cause of the great feelings and noble spirit.As general secretary xi jinping has pointed out,"when we communists speak of dedication,we need to have a heart to fight for the party and the people."Behind the historic achievements and changes since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China,it is precisely this kind of dedication spirit of"making profits for the benefit of the whole nation".It can be said that the unspoken responsibilities and efforts of countless party members and cadres have not only formed a strong driving force for China's advancement,but also promoted the formation and development of the good ethos of the whole society.
  In today's China,dedication is everywhere and everywhere.The people's police used their lives to protect the lights,so that China was assessed by foreign media as the most secure country,this is dedication;A great master craftsman works day and night,and works hard to make the world amazing again and again.This is dedication.Countless express brothers in the vast urban and rural areas,with sweat watering the digital economy of towering trees,this is also dedication.To the party member cadre,the dedication concentrated reflected the Chinese communist party's invariable original intention;To the members of society,dedication is not pain and loss,but the sublimation of good will and virtue.When party members and cadres take the lead in giving,they can highlight the"power of faith",encourage more people to experience happiness in struggle,gain sweetness in effort,and thus get away from mental distress,moral anxiety and loss of value.
  With a new mission and a new journey,we urgently need a new look and dedication.The dedication of party building for the public and loyalty for the people has never been vague and abstract."If you are a drop of water,do you moisten an inch of land?If you are a ray of sunshine,do you brighten the darkness?If you are a grain,do you nurture useful life?If you are one of the smallest screws,will you hold on to the post of your life forever?"To achieve the goal of building a modern country that is"prosperous,strong,democratic,culturally advanced,harmonious and beautiful",and to solve the problem of unbalanced development,we need to work with great passion and dedication.
  In the 1950s,the built sichuan-tibet highway was called"the encyclopedia of world road disasters".A legendary figure named zhang fulin died after being hit by a rock while inspecting the blasting hole.People found a diary and five packs of rapeseed in his satchel.With a spirit of dedication,"heaven road"is constantly extending to the distance,flowers in four seasons.Today,standing on the vast land of 9.6 million square kilometers and carrying forward the party's dedication to public service and loyalty to the people,our party can muster the great power to build a dream and make the road to the people's beautiful life accessible to all.