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Settle! This policy concerns you!" This is a popular title sentence pattern on the Internet in 2017

2018/07/30 10:09
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  The lofty historical mission and grand strategic goal raise higher requirements for the CPC,the"backbone"of the Chinese people and the"leading core"of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics.If what general secretary xi jinping has said since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC)said"iron should be hard by itself"mainly from the perspective of reason and logic,to admonish the CPC to be"hard by itself"in the 19th CPC report,the change to"iron must be hard by itself"indicates determination,will and higher standards.
  "The great struggle,the great project,the great cause,the great dream,are closely linked,interconnected and interrelated,and the new great project of party building plays a decisive role,"said the 19th CPC report.The core of the great project is to uphold the party's leadership in all work and uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership."All work"and"all work"are to reiterate that the party's leadership should run through the whole process and all aspects of the cause of the party and the country,from breadth to depth,with no gaps or weaknesses at all levels,and always take overall situation and coordinate all parties.The leadership of the party is concrete and not abstract.It is embodied in the firm ideal,firm belief and purpose,the implementation of the party's line,principles and policies,the party's management of cadres,the choice of good people,and the establishment of distinct values and political orientation.
  To achieve this goal,the 19th CPC national congress clearly put forward the general requirements for party building in the new era.This is to uphold and strengthen the overall leadership of the party,comprehensive strictly adhere to the party to party,party,to strengthen the party's ruling ability construction for a long time,the advanced nature and purity of construction as the main line,through the construction of the party's political,in a firm ideal faith principle as the foundation,in order to mobilize enthusiasm,initiative and creativity of the whole party as the focus,comprehensively promote the party's political construction,thought construction,organization construction,style construction,discipline construction,which runs through the system construction,further promote the anti-corruption struggle,continuously improve the quality of the party's construction,We should build the party into a marxist ruling party that has always been ahead of The Times,supported wholeheartedly by the people,dared to carry out self-revolution,stood the tests of various winds and waves,and showed vigor and vitality.
  Learning to understand this general requirement can be summarized as building"two big parties":building the world's greatest political party and building the world's most powerful political party.
  We should continue to strengthen the party's advanced nature and purity building,never forget the original intention,keep in mind the mission,and build the CPC into the world's greatest political party.The most fundamental of great parties is the greatness of the tenet of the doctrine,the greatness of the ideal and the conviction,which is to put the political construction of the party in the first place.We should constantly strengthen the party's political leadership,ideological driving force,mass organization,social power,improve the party set the direction,seeks the overall situation and policy,the ability to promote reform and concentration,to enhance the party self purification,self-improvement,innovation,improve the ability of the construction of the communist party of China to become the world's most powerful political party.A strong political party should be creative,combative and cohesive,which comes from discipline,system and rules.At the same time,we should strengthen our study and improve our abilities so that our political consciousness and working skills will complement each other and the party will be able to govern for a long time.
  In the new era,we still need to build the party through party governance.Although the communist party of China has formed an overwhelming momentum in its fight against corruption since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China,we need to have a clear position and attitude on some deeper issues to win a"landslide victory"on the basis of consolidating the"overwhelming momentum".At the beginning of the 19th party report,general secretary xi jinping clearly pointed out that"the original intention and mission of the Chinese communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation".In his report on the 19th CPC national congress,he made it clear that"resolutely preventing the formation of interest groups within the party".Of course,we should not make such mistakes,nor should we allow them.The communist party of China has become stronger in its revolutionary forging,and we will continue to forge ahead in the great self-revolution of strict party discipline.